Solo for two voices

  • Premiere: 20/11/2017, Cankarjev dom Ljubljana (SI)
  • Choreography and dance: Magdalena Reiter and Milan Tomášik
  • Dramaturgy: Anja Golob
  • Music: Alen Sinkauz and Nenad Sinkauz
  • Costume design: Alan Hranitelj
  • Produced by: Zavod Mirabelka
  • Co-produced by: Cankarjev dom, Dance Theatre Ljubljana
  • Partners: Mediterranean Dance Center, Stara gara
  • Photography: Uroš Abram
  • Co-funded by: Municipality of Ljubljana

Solo for two voices is a dance performance based on the motifs of  Letter of testimony– one of the most well known poems by the Mexican Nobel laureate, Octavio Paz. Dancers and choreographers Magdalena Reiter and Milan Tomášik translate the poem which consists of four units – three parts of Cantata and a Coda – into a clear, precise performative language that insists on an open dialogue with the text. In their first artistic collaboration they are including their individual dance language in relation to Paz’s poetics. Letter of testimony is the ode to love, which nevertheless exceeds the basic premises and naivety. Paz points to the ontology of love in its numerous permutations with the emphasis on the relationship of the intimacy of the two individuals. As such, the song is an ideal basis for a dance duet.

AUO_0803photo by: Uroš Abram

teaser by Matea Bilosnić