Off-Beat Live

documentary dance film

OFF-BEAT LIVE is a documentary dance film made by Stanislav Dobák and Milan Tomášik. The film is capturing the rehearsal process and the live performance OFF-BEAT LIVE, shooted in Slovak National Theater in Bratislava, in March 2014.

  • Premiere: July 2014, Syros, Greece
  • Filmed, directed and edited by: Stanislav Dobák
  • Concept, choreography, dance and co-directed by: Milan Tomášik
  • Dramaturgy: Samo Gosarič
  • Music: Janez Krstnik Dolar (ca. 1620-1673)
  • Original music: Sašo Kalan
  • Light design: Luka Curk

Cuore Barocco
Ján Kružliak – violin
Peter Zelenka – violin
Marin Gedeon – viola d.g.
Tomáš Kardoš – viola d.g.
Jana Dzurňáková – harpsichord

  • costume and set design: Jasna Vastl
  • musicological adviser: Lidija Podlesnik Tomášiková
  • running time: 20:25

Stanislav Dobák, born 1987 in Poprad, Slovakia. Stanislav studied dance in the Conservatory J. L. Bellu, Slovakia and graduated from PARTS in Brussels, Belgium. The most recent piece Much more than nothing (made in collaboration with Peter Savel and Me-sa) was already his second choreographic work selected as a priority company for Aerowaves. Shortly after arriving to Belgium in 2006 he started dividing his focus into more directions. Contemporary dance, visual arts, photography and movement documentation. From 2011 he started working as a professional videographer, creating promotional short videos for P.A.R.T.S. and few months later he opened his range to capturing full length dance performances. In the same year he launched his carrier as a photographer too. Specializing on dance performances and events. Using his years of experience in dance and a trained eye for dance composition help in capturing the right moment in a right frame. Stanislav is currently based in Brussels, where he is working as a freelance dancer, videographer and photographer.




where the film was screened:

10th of July 2014, Akropoditi festival, Syros, Greece

3rd of November 2014, Španski borci, Ljubljana, Slovenia

31st of August 2015, Monoplay festival, Zadar, Croatia

10th of November 2015, Kino Art, Brno, Czech republic

14th of November 2015, 20 years P.A.R.T.S., Beursschouwburg, Brussels, Belgium

9th of December 2017, BORDERLANDS Festival, Tanzfaktur, Cologne, Germany

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