Scenario Pubblico, Catania


commissioned dance performance for MoDem collective

duration: 22 minutes

PREMIERE: 10th & 11th of March 2018, Scenario Pubblico, Catania, Sicily

  • choreography: Milan Tomášik
  • choreographic assistance: Alessandro Sollima
  • music: Franz Joseph Haydn, 2032, Vol. 2: Il filosofo, II Giardino Armonico & Giovanni Antonini
  • performed by: Sarah Aviaja Hammeken (Denmark), Victoria Kennett (France), Eugenio Micheli (Italy), Amanda Rubio Sánchez (Spain)
  • costumes: Debora Privitera
  • production: Scenario Pubblico, Sicily

For the past three years, Milan Tomášik’s interest lies within a movement practice and choreographic research – a scale of muscle tension. Each specific tension, or release determines until certain extend an emotion, therefore general atmosphere. The entanglement of a specific tension in a rhythmical and physically articulated manner with emotions creates contrasting, but related scenes. Here, in a new dance piece for MoDem collective, Milan focuses on a rhythmical dance composition in relationship with emotional states that creates sometimes beautiful, another time obscure landscapes.

Commissioned work for the MoDem collective, a triple bill evening with Maud de la Purification, Milan Tomášik and Roberto Zappala.

 trailer recorded by Alain El Sakhawi, edited by Milan Tomášik

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picture by Serena Nicoletti, Scenario Pubblico

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