I am thrilled to announce a new logo POETIC BODY created by Vèrtex Comunicació, representing all my teaching activities in one.

Until 2022 I have been using two labels known as HAPPY FEET and PLAYFUL PRESENCE and from 2023 it’s merged together. Welcome POETIC BODY!

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Milan Tomášik – curator of ‘Out of the Toolbox’ 2022!

17-21 August 2022, GHENT, Belgium

REGISTRATION & info: https://outofthetoolbox.be/en/programme-2022-en/

It is my great pleasure to present this year’s Out of the Toolbox workshop program. It’s an honour for me to be part of the festival as curator and to offer my vision through the careful selection of diverse and unique teachers. Each is an expert in their own field, style or genre; all of them are life-long seekers of new information and are passionate and generous people.
Let’s enjoy the five intensive days with the breath of summer in the beautiful city of Ghent!

Here is the list of invited teachers:

Ben Fury
Charlie Brittain
Isaac Spencer
Ljoba Jenče
Los Informals
Maja Hriešik
Michaela Mirtová
Milan Herich
Milan Kozánek
Mojca Gal
Petra Hrašćanec
Simon Thierrée
Stanislav Dobák
Zuna Kozánková

PREMIERE – INDEFINITE FREQUENCY – dance concert / Nedoločena frekvenca – plesni koncert

Choreography / Koreografija: Charlie Brittain & Milan Tomášik

Performed by / Izvedba: Charlie Brittain (UK), Endi Schrotter (HR) & Milan Tomášik (SK/SLO)

Performed by / Izvedba: Slovenian Percussion Project / Slovenski tolkalni projekt – (Matevž Bajde, Tomaž Lojen, Franci Krevh in Luka Jahn k.g.)

Preliminary dates / predvideni datumi:

☑️ 11. 9. – PREMIERE – Zagrebački plesni centar, ZAGREB

☑️ 27. 10. – Španski Borci, LJUBLJANA

☑️ 29. 10. – Hrvatski kuturni dom na Sušaku, RIJEKA

☑️ 30. 10. – Moment, Amfiteater na II. gimnaziji, MARIBOR

☑️ 31. 10. – Visavì Gorizia dance festival, GORIZIA

☑️ 14. 12. – SNG NOVA GORICA

☑️ 21. – 25. 7. 2022 – festival, SVETVINČENAT

BESI – in Ljubljana @ Kino Šiška on 24th of June LIVE!!!

by: Ivona Lichá

I am so happy that it is possible now to open the theater and to make a real premiere of the dance performance Besi!: https://www.studiotanca.sk/program/besi-premiera-nazivo-v-divadle/


  • 21st. of May – Divadlo Študio tanca, Slovakia PREMIERE
  • 15th of June – festival, Divadlo Študio tanca in Slovakia
  • 24th of June – Kino Šiška, Ljubljana, Slovenia