Happy Feet

The body is a beautiful and incredibly complex instrument. As a dancers, we need to move everyday if we wanna stay in shape and step on stage prepared. Of course, our mind will tell us immediately “you are ready” but everyone who has a stage experience knows, that it’s not like that. The body needs to listen to us at will, right now, right here.

My technical class Happy Feet is focused on dancing. We approach dancing from many different perspectives: rhythm, melody, lengthening, speed, exercising the stamina, a coordination of different body parts and relation between them, body tension which directly influences our expression, spins and jumps. My aim is to create the accessible, articulated, virtuosic and rhythmical body. When I say virtuosic, it means, you have to do the maximum that your body and mind is capable of in a given moment. Keep in mind, that every person has different limits. When doing the class the right way, the feeling is clear: you are prepared and able to do anything at anytime without physically harming your body and you don’t wanna stop dancing…The feeling is clear: pure joy! Let’s dance!

photo: Albert Vidal

photo by: ALBERT VIDAL

I have been teaching in many different institutions, festivals, schools and Academies. The festival frame is usually set to one week, while teaching at schools varies from 2 up to 6 week period. Here is the list of some places, where I have taught in the last decade:


The Danish National School of Performing Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark

DOCH, Stockholm, Sweden

SEAD, Salzburg, Austria

Academy of Dramatic Art, University of Zagreb, Croatia

FONTYS, Tilburg, Holland

Academy of Theater and Dance, Amsterdam, Holland

AGRTF, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Academy of Dance – Alma Mater Europaea, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Place, London, Great Britain


Deltebre dansa, Deltebre, Spain

Tanzwerkstatt Europa, München, Germany

B12, Berlin, Germany

Tanz im August, Berlin, Germany

Akropoditi dance festival, Syros, Greece

Dance Dance Chania, Crete, Greece

The New, Beijing, China

Yucatan dansa, Merida, Mexico

Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

El Graner, Barcelona, Spain

PARTS summer school, Brussels, Belgium

Kaserne, Basel, Switzerland

Umea, Sweden


JET, Brussels, Belgium

La Raffinerie, Brussels, Belgium

Move!, PTL, Ljubljana, Slovenia

VIBRA, Ljubljana, Slovenia

New Space, Bratislava, Slovakia

La Central del Circ, Barcelona, Spain


En-Knap/En Knap Group, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ultima Vez, Brussels, Belgium

Akram Khan Company, London, Great Britain

Zagreb Dance Company, Croatia

Štúdio Tanca Dance Theater, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

The Icelandic Dance Company, Reykjavik, Iceland