Poetic Body

‘Where attention goes, energy flows’ represents total presence, being in the moment, the ability to execute any desired action fully, passionately and with ease. We bring action by waking up the body & mind through different physical games, by getting the body attuned to the moment, the space, connecting to ourselves and the environment. I love to create a friendly atmosphere where we respect the differences and nourish the individuality. In such atmosphere, the learning potential is enormous and even the most sophisticated movement seems easy. I offer a holistic approach to dancing, in which the practise of spontaneous and set movement is intertwined, technique meets with passion and gentleness equals power. My speciality is rhythm and musicality, contrasting movement qualities, the focus is also on articulation of the different body parts, precise execution of the movement, the foot work, jumps, and spins. The aim is to experience the body in its totality, honoring and supporting the self-development and growth of everyone. I guide you through the exploration of various movement qualities such as range of body tension and we’ll investigate the connection between emotion and motion. I have been teaching for over twenty years and my practice is developed, interconnected, and mutually influenced around the craft of choreography, dance and teaching. In the past decade I have established a technical class Happy Feet and a creative workshop Playful Presence, which is now all under one roof Poetic Body.

photo: Vladimir Veverka