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Premiere: 18th of April 2006, Dance Theater Ljubljana                                                                                  

  • Choreographer and Dancer: Milan Tomášik
  • Author of Music: Tomaž Grom
  • Light Design: Davor Balent
  • Light: Andrej Hajdinjak, Luka Curk
  • Set and Costume Designer: Jasna Vastl
  • Sound: Jernej Černalogar
  • Photo: Miha Fras
  • Produced by: Plesni Teater Ljubljana 2006
  • Producer: Živa Brecelj

The performance Within is Milan Tomášik’s solo. In this piece, he works with the simplicity of three elements— sound, light, and the body – which are very precisely structured. Sound and light are made equal to the body and movement, creating a clearly delineated space in which the dancer exhibits his extraordinary technique. We could use the words “beautiful” or “pure” to describe the piece which has a refined dramaturgical structure of successive linked sequences.

During the performance, it seems that we see and feel the invisible, what is “within”.

The whole performance, recorded 2006:

18th of April 2006 – PREMIERE, Ljubljana dance theater, Slovenia

19th of April 2006 – Ljubljana dance theater, Slovenia

20th of April 2006 – Ljubljana dance theater, Slovenia

01st. of June 2006 – Ljubljana dance theater, Slovenia

02nd of June 2006 – Ljubljana dance theater, Slovenia

29th of June 2006 – Lent festival Maribor, Slovenia

13th of October 2006 –  festival 4 days 4 you Banska Bystrica, Slovakia

23rd of February 2007 – GIBANICA festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia

26th of September 2007 – Ljubljana dance theater, Slovenia

08th of October 2007 – festival Hybaj Ho, theater Ponec, Prague, Czech Republik

16th of November 2007 – The Place theater, London, Great Britain

15th of February 2008 –  Stanica Žilina-Zárečie, Slovakia

09th of May 2008 – UKREP festival Ljubljana, Slovenia

17th of May 2008 – IETM festival Ljubljana, Slovenia

01st of July 2008 – Julidans NEXT festival,  Melkweg Theater, Amsterdam, Holland

02nd of July 2008 – Julidans NEXT festival,  Melkweg Theater, Amsterdam, Holland

23rd of november 2008 – MOV-HI Festival, Murcia, Spain

03rd March 2009 – MOVE ME festival, STUK, Leuven, Belgium

04th of March 2009 – MOVE ME festival, STUK, Leuven, Belgium

06th of April 2010 Ljubljana dance theater, Slovenia

22nd of April 2010 – BOUGE BE festival, De Singel, Antwerpen, Belgium

05th of December 2010 – December Dance festival, Brugge, Belgium

25th of April 2011 – Auditorium Tenerife, Spain

30th of April 2011 – Cadiz, Spain

04th of May 2011 – Santiago de Compostela, Spain

07th of May 2011 – Ferrol, Spain

11th of May 2011 – Valencia, Spain

DELO, Mojca Kumerdej:
“The solo Within has a simple linear structure of seven linked sights where the show is being distinguished for Tomášik’s movement performance as well as refined lighting design by Davor Balent and music by Tomaž Grom.”

For JULI DANS, Hofesh Schechter:                                                                                                           

“It was terrific!…Milan creates a total experience”. Tomášik’s solo is for Shechter a prime example of what dance can mean.

DNEVNIK, Katja Praznik:
The dance solo Within/Znotraj of the young Slovak dancer Milan Tomášik, who has often collaborated with Slovenian dance scene in the past year, is an unusually sensual performance. The author and his collaborators focused on the theme of diverse layers of perception (sonic, visual, touching) which come to life in the performance as an exceptional, stylistically aesthetic, show.

GIBANICA (Moving Cake) festival diary by Ivana Ivkovič:
An impressive presence on stage, long-limbed Milan captivates with minimalistic movement in interchanging environments – one almost zen-meditative, one twitching and about to reach the treshold of bursting. The production is highly stylized with use of lights and music, to a point where I wonder if the title Within signifies his entrapment, not introspection.

Still, not even the often changing complex lighting can distract from Milans dance. Id like to see more of his work

VEČER, Daliborka Podboj:
Tomášik moves simply, his steps are childishly playful, reminding of folklore moves, vividly governing the space, forming geometrical patterns, occasionally crossing the space along diagonals, and marking it off in angular shapes. It is mostly the dancers legs that are dancing, stamping, tripping and trampling, while the arms occasionally turn him and send him through the space like a propeller. Between individual choreographically clearly defined divisions, there are moments of brief darkness. In the light game by Davor Balent, together with the music composed by Tomaž Grom, the linear dance sequences of this unusual abstract story sensually flow into one another and across the demarcated stage. It is its simple execution that makes the dance in the solo piece Within by Milan Tomašik, visibly impregnated by deep consideration, appear sufficiently youthful and fresh.

Festival Hybaj Ho, Prague
Po křepčení s Les SlovaKs se v pondělí sólově představil jeden ze členů seskupení – Milan Tomášik. Asi nejspirituálněji působící Le Slovak ukázal v choreografii Within svoji intimnější stránku. Pohlcen propracovaným light designem neúnavně vymezoval prostor svým subtilním tělem, jehož výraz nikdy neztrácel napětí ani určitou kontemplativnost. Toto sólo bylo taktéž inspirací k tanečnímu filmu Within 07, kde situace rozehrává již více tanečníků. Kdo tento film na festivalu o několik dní dříve viděl, mohl teď hledat paralely mezi jevištním tvarem a jeho filmovým obrazem.

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