AHK, Amsterdam

Amsterdam University of the Arts


Premiere: 14. 6. 2017, Amsterdam University of the Arts
re-runs: 15, 16, 17. of June 2017 Amsterdam, 27, 28 of June 2017 Den Haag, Holland
choreography by: Milan Tomášik
performed by: 3rd year students of MTD department (2017): Lucija Božičević, Matija Franješ, Emmi Hakala, Yulia Kalinchenko, Anamaria Klajnšček, Jaroslaw Kruczek, Andrea Pisano, Kim Verbeke
repetitor: Vivianne Rodrigues de Brito
costumes: Pepa Canel
light and technique: Marcel Slagter
sound and technique: Kiki Helsenfeld
sound studio: Geert Oddens
production manager: Dorothea Sinnema
Anything you see in the piece created by Milan Tomášik is a consequence of a muscular tension. The devision of the muscle tension and release into several muscular categories creates a huge range of playful possibilities, ranging from pure physicality (dance) until the obscure dramatic actions (theater). The dance performance In-tension represents a vibrant landscape of lovely, but sometimes distorted humans.
 pictures by: Tatjana Todorović