Playful Presence


In the workshop, I focus on performing that enables us to remain present, alive in any given material, whether it is improvised or set. I believe that good performing is a mixture of who you are, your technique, skills, listening, the relationship you create and your experiences. Performing is a constant dialog between your inner self and the outside world, the context in which you are: space, people and time. In the past few years that I’ve been teaching, I came to the conclusion that it is often about HOW and not only WHAT you propose. We will pay attention to details: the intensity of movement, including the whole body, breathing, imagination, excitement. My recent research in the choreography of movement led me to body tension that creates rhythm. We start from the body itself, from within, exploring the tension/release possibilities in order to create an articulated and specific body. We create a movement language, which in its perfected form becomes completely autonomous. Once the individual body is defined, we work in different group formations focusing on constant composition. The key words in the Playful Presence workshop are: responsibility, playfulness, rhythm, trust and fullness. Performing always works best if it is on the edge.