public presentation of a new ‘Creation 2018’ in Catania, Sicily

MilanandCoIn February 2017 we are in artistic residency at SCENARIO PUBBLICO in Catania, Sicily, focusing on a new dance performance ‘CREATION 2018’. We have two public presentations on 25th and 26th of February 2017. Get the tickets here:…/free-fall-kick-the-bucket/

Picture: from left: Tina Valentan, Tina Breiova, Alessandro Sollima, Spela Vodeb and Milan Tomasik

Milan Tomášik & Co in a studio, working on “CREATION 2018”

MilanandCoWe started to work on the 3rd piece (after Hunting Season and Silver Blue), the PREMIERE will take place in the first half of 2018. This time, I’d like to take time. To work, to forget, to come back to the material, to work intensively, to get a distance. I am excited to work and continue my choreographic opus with great artist like Spela Vodeb, Alessandro Sollima, Tina Valentan and Tina Breiová from Czech republic with an Armenian roots:-)

Thanks to Old Power Station (and especially to Mojca) for having such a beautiful space and Dance Theater Ljubljana. Great, first residency.


“SOLO 2016” on 5th & 6th of December in Ljubljana


On 5th & 6th of December 2016 I am performing in Cankarjev dom, the newest dance performance called SOLO 2016. After a great tour in Bratislava, Salzburg and Mexico, coming back to Ljubljana. The show starts at 8pm. Reserve your tickets: