Unified Fields – Creation 2018




The new dance performance ‘UNIFIED FIELDS‘ (working title) with planned premiere in 2018 is in a full on process. It is a very special occasion of artistic work of Milan Tomášik, specially because it is the third piece with his own company. The new creation is the highlight of the subjects and methods that he used in his previous work. The completely new perspective is taken on the essentials of his first two pieces, The Hunting Season (2014), Silver Blue (2015) and developing it further. The french composer Simon Thierrée is making an original music for the creation. Milan Tomášik & Co is proud to work with such an excellent dancers as Špela Vodeb, Alessandro Sollima, Tina Valentan and is excited to welcome a new member of the company Diego Alvarez Sanóu from Costa Rica. Diego is a well know dancer, teacher and performer in Central America, co-founder of Colectivo Clá dance company.

During the residency st Scenario Pubblico in Catania, Sicily, a journalist Paolo Randazzo wrote, https://www.rumorscena.com/06/03/2017/cosa-dicono-i-corpi-quando-si-muovono:

An authentic choreographic research, able to trace in the formal aspect of the moving body, the first phonemes of a language belonging to the cultural sphere, when it first appeared, and that is the only way it can be understood, can be played back, again understood in depth, to tell us something about us that goes beyond the lie of naturalness, frequent and insidious.


8th of October 2018WORLD PREMIERE, Linhart hall, Cankarjev dom, LJUBLJANA

20th of June 2018 – Stanica Žilina-Záriečie, Slovak PREMIERE

June 2018 – residency at Stanica Žilina-Záriečie, Slovakia

May 2018 – residency at Cankarjev dom and Dance Theater Ljubljana, Slovenia

September 2017 – residency at Mediterranean Dance Centre Svetvinčenat, Croatia

February 2017 – residency at Scenario Pubblico, Catania, Italy

December 2016 – rehearsals at Old power station Ljubljana and Dance Theater Ljubljana, Slovenia